Wednesday 13 December 2017, Leeds


BETSE 2017

Bone and Enamel Tissue Science and Engineering (BETSE 2017)

There are more than a million citations in this area for bone tissue engineering and over 115,000 published articles on dental enamel loss since 2000. For a successful meeting, our aim is to invite clinicians and practitioners, tissue engineers, and laser scientists and engineers for stimulating scientific discussions in organised plenary/keynote, invited, contributed and poster sessions.

Our target is to adopt a top down approach by discussing emerging clinical issues in orthopaedic surgery, enamel restoration and oral health. How do the underpinning Biology, Physics, Chemistry and Materials Science come together to make advances in this area?

In the context of emerging clinical needs, the science, engineering, technology of “hard-soft tissue engineering using lasers” is a topical subject area for the community, which can only be gauged by comparing the larger numbers of articles citing the uses of lasers in bone and dental tissue engineering. The citations in Google Scholar shows more then 25,600 articles related to the applications of lasers in bone/dental tissue surgery and diagnostics, out of which more then 17,000 articles were published since 2005.